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My Story For You

Let's get to know each other, my name is Beate, and I own this small and charming shop. I am a certified stylist and sustainable clothing, ambassador. First, I will tell you a little about how I came up with the idea to create BrandHouse.



It all started at Christmas 2020 with a clear idea to try on my brand's clothing, which is no longer relevant to me, to resell to girls. But, I'll be honest, I did very well. The girls bought from me, and they liked to communicate with me. So more than 15 years in sales, customer communication, and strategy creation bore its fruits, also here, in a completely different industry.


I realized that I must try my hand at a broader stroke, and on May 7, 2021, BRANDHOUSE.LV was born


It all started with children's clothes; then we retrained to a brand outlet for the family. However, we currently place the most significant emphasis on the sale of women's clothing.


Why outlets?


It directly affects my personality. My central vision was to give clothes a second chance to meet their owner. Someone produced this decoration and put energy, work, and sweat into it. And then,, this clothing, which would not be redeemed in a standard store, would be taken to a landfill to be burned? It seemed absurd to me, pollution of the environment, unnecessary overproduction of new clothes, etc. And, without searching, I found my industry.


Why sewn clothes?


When I asked for help, I said, let's try; if it goes away, we'll continue. And you liked it; that's why I continue cooperating with those who need help. When you buy sewn clothes, you help someone who doesn't just ask but who does and receives because he did. note is a shop that has its own added value.


BRAND HOUSE.LV is a small company here in Latvia which earns its individuality by offering the sale of clothing, shoes, and accessories and adding value.


  • Freestyle column on our social portals - Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and the website.
  • LIVE broadcasts on Instagram and Facebook channels on current topics - style, and fashion, accepting yourself and your body.
  • LIVE live sales once a month on our Instagram and Facebook platforms
  • A fantastic experience together with the stylist, the owner of Brandhouse. lv, me - Beati, in Čiekurkalnė, in our Showroom. I will search and combine; you have to choose what you like, and you can buy it. This service will be FREE for you. I am waiting from the bottom of my heart to get to know you
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